An internal corporate event usually seeks the motivation of the team as well as the generation of synergies among the different members of the company.
We are therefore referring to internal events such as a general meeting of shareholders, meals and company dinners, team-building actions, workshops and training.

At an external level, these types of events are those in which the company interacts with clients (final or intermediate), or with suppliers (in order to improve relations and seek joint competitiveness in the market).
External corporate events with customers allow the brand to convey a specific message to a specific audience, a way to select its target audience to maximize ROI.

It is a very effective weapon of communication as long as it is planned properly

What should we keep in mind when organizing an event? What objectives do we seek with the organization of this event? Who are we addressing? What do we intend to communicate and how do we intend to do it? What resources do we have?


When choosing the date, it must be taken into account that it does not coincide with any other event that may eclipse our event.
The choice of place, as well as the duration of the event or the necessary scenography and infrastructure, will be determined by the concept to be communicated and obviously by the budget with which we count, although often creative solutions work as much or better than very expensive solutions.


It will have to take care of the whole process, starting with the communication of the event, because an original communication will provoke in our target a certain curiosity - that we will try to maintain throughout the whole event.
When planning the event, take into account the sequence of the process: arrival of the client (easy access and parking), welcome, directions, accompaniment feeling of the guest, good general care services ... The purpose is to leave a Good memory, that in days after the event can be reinforced.


Throughout the subsequent days of the event an evolution of the event development should be made, assessing errors and improvements that could be considered.