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When we consider attending a fair, there are many doubts that arise:

  • What are the most interesting fairs for my product?
  • Can I exhibit in those that interest me?
  • What is the cost of my participation?
  • What requirements are needed?
  • What do trade fair services consist of?



To answer these, and many other questions, we must first be clear who our target audience is and what we want to communicate. The definition of these two parameters is basic so that our participation is as effective and successful as possible.
All these doubts are further complicated in the export field or when the customer is an official organization, which not only has to achieve a good ROI, but also ensure a successful ROI for the co-participants of its pavilion. In addition, we must add the possible repercussions as a country brand and the political implications of this type of fairs.


Obviously the definitive results are unpredictable, especially in international events where culture, a sensitive material to quantify, plays a decisive role. The fact of having a team with wide experience in the design, construction and coordination of stands in international fairs helps to make a more realistic planning of the costs, to avoid surprises of last minute and also, to have the necessary support for seek solutions to any problem that may arise.

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