Chile in a cube: How we created a Nation brand through a global campaign.

When Turismo Chile got in touch with us, asking us to come up with an urban intervention campaign aimed at the target public and positioning its brand, we were very excited because this as a huge construction and logistical challenge.

They were giant red cubes with the Chile brand measuring 7x7m , which did not go unnoticed and they were located in strategic international urban spaces.

e.g.: the Pompidou Centre in Paris, World Central Terminal NYC and Av Paulista in Sao Paulo.

Campaña global Cubo rojo Chileno

The Challenges:

The first challenge was a logistical one: to get constructors at the 3 international points, diverse and distant, which would enable us to carry out our mega cube.

Encontrar proveedores que se animen con un proyecto tan innovador y desafiante, no ha sido fácil. Además, como siempre, el presupuesto debía estar acorde con lo que el cliente podía gastar. Es bien sabido que en destinos como EEUU los costes se disparan.

The second challenge was technical, the structures had to be free-standing and, in the case of Paris and Sao Paulo, they were located outdoors and this was an added complication. They had to withstand the inclement Parisian climate and the Brazilian heat.

When creating a Paris brand, or any other, it is important to carry out a global campaign which focuses on and demonstrates all its strategic markets (Tourism, Food, Wine etc.); as well as all its star products: those which are already recognised worldwide and are associated with its culture (Tango, Merengue etc.)

It is also important to determine a transversal relationship between its markets (distributors, vendors, the target public) as a battery of tools is used to reach all communications. Although this is self-evident to a professional public on the tourism market, it may seem odd to the mass public.

Marca país Chile cubo rojo

The solution:

We have sought suppliers who are bold and who are willing to take on major challenges and, with this in mind, we used our portfolio of special suppliers but we also had chats via Skype and visits in situ to check their capacity and ideas.

Then we had to limit ourselves to those materials which convey the same quality and values in the 3 events but which, in turn, adapt to the working approaches of each site/place. We thus used another structure. The interior projection was carried out reclined on designer loungers which allowed you to look at the ceiling when you reclined, being wind and rain resistant, at the Centre Pompidou and a more opaque, lighter structure at the World Central Terminal where it was not exposed to the elements. A projector in the middle of the room, camouflaged inside a box which looked similar to the large exterior cube, allowing us to benefit from a multi-product short and/or a starry sky experience in the Atacama desert. However, to make the experience more immersing, we lined around 70 cm of the upper part of the walls with mirrors, and in this way the continuity of the image and a more enveloping experience was achieved.


Undoubtedly, the presence of Chile at these 3 presentations was a hit. They made their mark through the landscape and the everyday nature of the passers-by, breaking up their routines, involving them in an unexpected experiencea, generating attention, attraction and curiosity, almost as much as a concealed camera. It proved to be an unprecedented advertisement as regards everything we had presented beforehand.

Mass campaigns like this one make a major impact and they themselves become a free mass MKT campaign. As everyone who comes close to enjoy the action always take a photo which he/she will share on his/her social networks and, at the same time, with other friends, the range and the impact of the event are extraordinary as is its benefit in terms of communication.

This experience showed us that although we have already done this for various countries with their stands at the different trade fairs around the world, this unique point of contact with the end customer hugely strengthens the nation brand.

Caso de éxito marca país

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