Tourism of the Dominican Republic

Executive Summary:

When we had the honor of participating in the contest of design and assembly of stands for the Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic we started with a top priority: "50% of the destination does the warmth of its people." With this idea in mind, our strategy was to commit to sustainable, tailor-made Tourism.

Our design emphasizes the proximity, the friendliness, the welcoming and the authentic of the destination, proposing the wood as main material. Curved shapes suggest flexibility and dynamism.

About the Client:

The Dominican Republic is the second largest and most diverse country in the Caribbean. With direct flights from the main cities of Latin America, the United States, Canada and Europe is a country that stands out for the warmth of its climate and the hospitality of its people. Dominican Republic is an unparalleled destination that has an extraordinary nature, fascinating history and great cultural wealth.



The challenges:

The Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic, wants to reinforce the quality of the tourist, focusing on new and varied market segments (Eco Tourism, Culture, Gastronomy, ...)

With the design we wanted to bet on: tailor-made tourism, which will generate wealth and regional economic development. This type of tourism reinforces cultural identity, social participation and the authenticity of destiny.

The solution:


We created a panel with images composed of photos of faces and experiences. Dominicans who welcome us, inviting us to enjoy the destination "Welcome to the Dominican Republic". Within this panel, there were showcases with typical products and elements, retro-lit photographs of folk type and multimedia screens, touch screen or with looped video reproductions with multi-product experiences.

We created a public square, like an agora, that invited us to enter, within it multiple holistic proposals to live and feel Dominican Republic. This space generated memory in the visitor taking into account all the senses: sight, touch, smell, hearing... Experience the destination.


It is a participatory stand, which integrates destinations with segments / products:

  • Chill Out Space / Coast and Beach / Luxury relax
  • Activation bicycles / South Western / Eco tourism, tourism Aventura
  • Tasting bar / Various destinations / gastronomy
  • Activation of Surf / Puerto Plata / Water and adventure tourism.
  • Featured graphic / Santo Domingo and La Romana / Culture

The stand always contemplates the idea of quality tourism, so the materials and textures chosen also suggest luxury and comfort. One of these textures was proposed as a "hand made" to suggest an experience of an absolutely personalized trip.

Finally, an "smell brand" was developed at the stand that reminds us of coconut oil to tan the skin that our mothers gave us as children. In this way, we try to activate the memory of the visitor and recall happy moments.


At this point we have the pleasure of designing and building more than 50 tourist stands of the Dominican Republic in more than xx countries, on 4 continents. Many times simultaneously in different countries and continents.

Its presentations comprises several measures, i.e. more than 500m2 with a second floor of more than 100m2 in the fair Fitur in Madrid or ITB in Berlin.

Our services include design, plans, work management, ordering services with the organizer, contracting and payment of technical rider and dancers (if required) as well as catering, photography and filming.


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