Wines of Argentina. When you combine the two things you love: The design and the wine.

Wines of Argentina is the entity that, since 1993, promotes the brand and the country's image of the Argentine wines throughout the world, making known all the producing regions of Argentina. In addition, it helps guide the export strategy of Argentina by studying and analyzing the changes that occur in the consumer markets.

Its mission is to collaborate in the consolidation of Argentina among the main wine exporting countries of the world and contribute to the global success of the Argentine wine industry through the construction of the brand "ARGENTINE WINE", seeking to raise the positive perception in the trade, opinion leaders and consumers.

Currently Wines of Argentina provides services to wineries in all the wine-growing regions of the country so that they can promote their products in the world. They carry out numerous activities that include fairs, tours and activities abroad, tastings in the United States, Canada, Latin America, Asia and Europe.

The challenges:

The new Wines of Argentina advertising campaign focuses on the challenge and the contradictión. Its aesthetics and language are modern, avant-garde and with an sassy point.

That is why it was necessary to find a suitable language with the materials, which present the authenticity and informality that was sought, without losing the idea of quality that characterizes Argentine wines.

The solution:

The Marketing Director, is young and modern, and full of ideas she wanted to capture, her free spirit and flexible leadership within her structure, allowed us to "play" and make new proposals.

We wanted to reflect the tradition of the know-how of the winemakers and, in turn, the transparency in their technical and administrative processes: from this idea came the white "worn" or decapage.

So for the furniture we chose modern "Eames" design chairs, with a distinctive stamp, and we made some furniture and coatings with painted pallets, reflecting the idea of sustainability and recycling.

Within the public spaces of work we find decorations with small natural plants that are embedded in the exterior walls, generating natural spaces, pretending to be outdoors.

The graphic communication required more movement, that is why one of the faces of the border is replaced by a LED screen, being able to project a video of large format, generating a dynamic image, instead of static as the rest of the backlights.

This way you get much more communication and an image and fluency of language.

For the edition of Vinexpo Bordeaux, we premiered with an area of seminars and tasting. It is a space of learning and tasting to deepen the knowledge of the wines of this great Country. An informal treatment was also sought to make the visitor feel relaxed, "like at home".


Stand de Wines of Argentina en Prowein Dusseldorf 2017


We like the design and love the wine! We consider this product as an art, with a wonderful creative process that reminds us of our own work. We invite you to contact us, without compromise, knowing that we will give the best of our Team to interpret your needs and so your country will have a strong and outstanding presence and brand in the world.

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